What Different Types of Windows Say About Your Home

What Different Types of Windows Say About Your Home

Express Yourself with These Types of Windows

Overwhelmed with the limitless window options? Find out below how the types of windows in your home indicate your true style and expression.


“Old-style” is not exactly outdated. Traditional homes will always exude that effortless, classic charm in all kinds of seasons. If you are a historical partisan or a plain traditionalist, then old-world window types will suit you.

Simple as they may look, single-hung or double-hung sash windows carry so much historical weight. Dress your home with these vertical-gliding types of windows if you want your style to be reminiscent of the 17th century British era. However, the intricacy doesn’t stop there. Ensure you get the configurations right by tailoring your sash window according to its modified Victorian or Craftsman style.

In French language, “bay” means opening. Let the light in with bay windows so you can transform your dimly-lit room to airy, light-filled space. Notice the subtlety of wide angles with its counterpart bow windows. If you are a self-proclaimed book lover, you can transform this nook into your lovely reading fort while taking in the garden view.


You get a mix of old and new when your home exhibits the transitional style. This way, you are not only stifled with the extremes of sophisticated traditionalism or ultra-modern minimalism, but instead, you find the perfect balance between the two.

Casement windows can do both, if you and your architect can master its charming appeal in your home. If you are a lover of morning sun, you can crank this wide open to let the calming light and breeze fill up your space.

When you lean onto the eclectic side, utilize Palladian windows for its combined elegance and modernity. Rectangular-shaped windows topped with arched transom above can serve as the perfect backdrop for the mixture of textures and patterns in your maximalist living room.


Clean lines and edges – this is everything that modern architecture screams about. Your contemporary home would not be complete without the staple horizontal sliding, awning, and hopper windows. Slide left or right, push forward or pull them back in, respectively – ultimately, it’s your choice of windows in the end.

However, if you are more of the laid-back, adventurous type wishing to make a statement with your designer home, utilize the modified tilt-and-turn window for its dual operation or the glass-expansive pivot window for their unique features. All these are brought to life with the advanced window technology rolling around today.

Get a taste of the lovely scenery and panoramic landscape outside with fixed or picture windows. Naturally, these types of windows are wide shut with only a sole purpose of capturing the view outside, but if you want a clean, low-maintenance home with less infiltration from dust and debris, then these are your go-to contemporary types. Merge all of the window configurations above to your custom liking and you have your specialty windows.

Express your true authenticity with Revival’s “no one-size-fits-all” approach. Find out how we expertly configure your custom-designed windows at our Manhattan showroom located at 135 East 57th St 18-134.

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