The Best Time of Year to Replace Your Custom Windows

Know When to Order Your Custom Replacement Windows

If you’re considering custom replacement windows, you may already know why it’s a good idea.  But if you’re on the fence, there are a lot of great reasons to do it, and to use custom replacement windows instead of stock. A few considerations are:

  • Stock vs. Custom. It’s likely that stock windows won’t fit your “non-standard” openings, meaning with stock, you’ll likely end up with a smaller window than your original. A custom window will be exactly the same size, shape, and style.
  • Design. You may feel the existing windows are out of place with your building’s design. A custom replacement will match your aesthetic exactly, complementing any style.
  • Energy efficiency. Tightening up the “envelope” of your building is where you get the greatest cost-benefit ratio.
  • Noise reduction. A new window can be several times quieter than an older one.
  • Resale upgrades, damaged or worn windows, and reducing UV light. These are just a few more of the great reasons to think about custom window replacements.

Once you decide to replace, you might be wonder if it’s better to schedule the work for warm or cool weather (assuming you live somewhere with both). The truth is, there are pro’s and con’s to each. Your best bet is to talk with Revival Sash and your contractor/installer about pricing, lead times, and local circumstances. Meanwhile, here’s a few thoughts to consider:

Warmer weather: Spring | Summer

This is probably the first choice for most people, for a few reasons:


With windows removed in cold weather, even for just a short time, there will naturally be some heat loss and possible discomfort. This might happen in extremely hot weather as well, but overall it’s more comfortable when it’s warmer. However, in either extreme, your contractor can seal off the area of each replacement window, so the entire home or building remains as comfortable as possible.


Caulking – essential to the installation of any window or door – is easier to apply and adheres better to the building in warmer than in colder temperatures. Materials all contract in cold weather and expand in when it’s hot. If caulking is applied when the opening is smaller (cold), it can open up and crack when temperatures rise.

Snow, ice, and rain

In the warmer months, there’s usually less moisture around from snow, ice, and rain, all of which can prevent a good tight seal around the replacement window’s edges. This same inclement weather can also cause delays in your crew’s ability to work or even to get access to the site during storms.


In summer, the necessary work area – tools, drop cloths, and equipment can all be staged outside, keeping the mess outside with it. In colder months, all of that tends to migrate indoors, causing furniture issues and general inconvenience.


The summer daylight hours are longer so the crew can extend their workdays. The result is a faster overall installation for you.

Colder Weather:  Fall | Winter

Though installing your custom replacement windows in the colder months isn’t usually the first choice, it boasts a few advantages:

Schedule and Price 

Typically, fall and winter is the “off season” for exterior contractors, so you just might get better options for both scheduling and pricing during cooler weather, especially as winter approaches.


Although it’s true that caulking is more difficult to apply in very cold temperatures, it’s also true that it won’t cure correctly if the temperature is very hot, about 85 degrees (F) or above for a latex caulk. So a nice sunny day in winter can in fact be perfect for curing. (But be sure to use silicone caulk with a 25% movement factor in winter.)


As in summer installations, working on one window at a time and using a zip wall to effectively seal off the work area will prevent your entire home being subject to arctic (or tropical) temperatures.


So, as you can see, there is no direct answer to window replacement season. Whenever you decide to install them, the difference between old and new will astonish you. Look through our showroom at Revival Sash or contact us for assistance and ideas. We’ve been doing this through every season for many years and are always happy to answer your questions about custom window replacements.

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