Spruce Up Your Custom Windows with These Decoration Ideas

Spruce Up Your Custom Windows with These Decoration Ideas

Home Décor Ideas Involving Custom Windows

Home decoration ideas, specifically window treatments, are usually treated as an afterthought. After all, with the wide array of options, styles, and materials available, this seems to be a daunting task even for the most discerning client. But when you fully take into consideration how a simple window treatment can turn a bare space into a lively, colorful expression of your personal style, you will simply put it at the forefront of your design process.

Do a prompt design criteria and clearly establish your home décor goals for your custom windows. Are you aiming for a window treatment that gives you a full blackout privacy, or one that gives you enough concealment but with good light transmission? Do you combine functionality with style or prioritize one over another? Are you looking to transform your space into a sound-insulated, energy-efficient home?

Privacy versus light, or function versus beauty – be it a standalone or a mix of both, how you dress your custom windows will characterize your true priorities.

Aesthetic Style

Decide how you want to highlight the true expression of your personal style. For minimalist and modern look, opt for clean and neutral shades in the color palette. Your custom windows should be adorned with classic pleats for an aura of traditional sophistication. Combine elegance and modernity with the seamless blend of fabrics, patterns, and textures in transitional style. If your home décor leans onto the trendsetting flair, choose geometric, floral, or bohemian prints.

Soft Window Treatment

Debunk the misconception that curtains and drapes are identical. Curtains and sheers give you the light, airy feel and they tend to hover at the level of window sill. In retrospect, café curtains work perfectly for casual settings as they only cover the bottom two-thirds of your custom windows.

Alternatively, drapes stretch from rod pocket to floor to give you a full, tactile and formal appearance but they can also vary in three standard lengths from the longest to the barely grazing – puddle, trouser, and operable. Drapes tend to lean more into the traditional and elegant look when you partner them with lush fabric, corded pulley system and visible pleats. You can also utilize the art of lining to improve its fullness, sound insulation, and privacy control.

Hard Window Treatment

Functional and flexible, blinds are constructed of solid wood or metal slats to lend you greater control in privacy and light levels. Use metal blinds for an industrial look, faux wood blinds for an organic touch, or vertical blinds stacking to the side for sliding doors.

For your custom windows, shutters with operable individual louvers are your custom-fit solutions. Conversely, shades retract and fold at the top of your frame to give you a full exterior view. Roman shade is a versatile and timeless staple that exudes a contemporary or transitional look with its effortlessly billowy effect.

Valances and Cornices

Spruce up your home with top decorative treatments like valances and cornices. Valances are your budget-friendly home décor since they only require less material when hung from a basic rod. They can also be tailored with simple cotton fabrics or intricate, crisp pleats to complement your custom windows.

Cornices closely resemble valances but they lean more onto the hard window treatment since their fabric or wallpaper is splayed across the board, then mounted on the wall. When your room lacks elaborate detail like architectural molding, you can use cornices to liven up your space.


Consider how your home décor will be mounted against your custom windows. Modern drapery needs unnecessary décor with its recessed cove track. For old-fashioned touch, you can use finials at the end of the curtain or double drape rods to create an ornamental focal point for your custom windows. Put the finishing statement with tiebacks and tassels for vintage-inspired look.


We craft custom-fit windows so you can bring the true essence of your personal style to life. Browse our website for custom-designed fenestration, or you can experience them yourself in our Manhattan showroom at 135 East 57th St 15-121.

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