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Architectural Wood Windows & Doors

Bring your dreams to life with Revival’s architectural wood windows and doors. When you crave outstanding material on your fenestration, wood is your go-to, all-in-one material. Aesthetically beautiful, structurally strong, and functionally operative – you’ll never go wrong with architectural wood windows and doors. On this note, the race to production for exquisite detailed architectural wood windows and doors is at an all-time high. Here’s where we excel against our competitors in the field: our industry veterans are backed up by a 60-year professional experience on crafting premium architectural wood windows and doors. No matter the cost or schedule constraints, delivering an influx of quality products on peak seasons has always been our proficient expertise. Case in point, our architectural wood windows and doors effortlessly exude that timeless, classic aura that you crave for your homes. Engulf your lovely abode with rich wood interiors, while enjoying the custom-crafted views outside. Structurally, your architectural wood windows and doors will stand against the test of time, staying in fashion from past to future in almost any decade, era or period style. Unequaled in artistry, Revival Sash utilizes cutting-edge technology to elevate your architectural wood windows and doors to an unparalleled performance. This merger transforms your ordinary wood to a one-of-a-kind material by bridging the gap and compensating weak points with strengths. Along with impeccable strength and versatile styles of curved to straight profiles, you can list thermal insulation and termite protection as another top feature for an exceptional product performance of wood. With Revival’s architectural wood windows and doors, you can go limitless with infinite possibilities.

Revival Sash Employees at Our American Made Workshop


With a distributed manufacturing network, we are able to efficiently scale to any size job and deliver product quickly, even at peak periods of the year. We ship from our state of the art facilities in Springfield, New Jersey. Our craftsmen have 6 decades of experience and have designed and built over $200M of the finest windows in the world.

Manufacturing Jobs in America Are Making a Comeback

The Job Field in America is Taking a Turn | Revival Sash is pleased to be part of a growing movement that is succeeding in maintaining and recreating a strong manufacturing base in America. As a company, we’ve always resisted the economic temptation to outsource any of our work, partly because we believe strongly in the…  read more

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