Suntuitive Dynamic Glass

Suntuitive Dynamic Glass Windows

Experience revolutionary window technology at its finest. Revival Sash – in partnership with one of the top-leading self-tinting glass fabricator, Pleotint – has innovatively patented world-class dynamic glass windows which will change the way you live, work and play. Suntuitive Dynamic Glass goes out of the box with its thermochromic technology. All without the use of electrical voltage and mechanical actuators, this dynamic glass window differs from a “smart” window, such that you can only switch between two limited settings. Clearly, this is not the case when you choose Suntuitive. With the strong alliance of Revival and Pleotint, you have a whole new world right in front of you, literally. In just a flicker of a direct sunlight, your dynamic glass windows will change in no time at all – responding to changing light and heat whatever time, season, or orientation your windows are placed in a geographical context. Say goodbye to polarized, all-or-none settings. Whenever the sun rays hit your dynamic glass windows, Suntuitive responds automatically by showing you various light-based tint display settings. As morning sun drifts to afternoon light from east to southwest orientation, your dynamic glass windows lean onto the darker hues whereas at night, Suntuitive is crystal-clear as a day with no presence of direct sunlight. Ditch quick fixes and add-ons such as hard and soft window treatment on your fenestration. With Suntuitive, your dynamic glass windows give you the freedom to control your need for privacy and exposure all while going bare – often eliminating the old-school curtains, drapes, shades and blinds. Keep your designer furniture and textile fabrics from color fading as well, since these dynamic glass windows block almost 95% of the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. At Revival, we offer you Suntuitive not only for its virtually unlimited aesthetic choices, but also for myriad of other functionalities that you can utilize for your greatest benefit. With polyvinylbutyral (PVB) layer between your two glass panes, optimal performance from Suntuitive is achieved. Not only are your dynamic glass windows rendered with impact-resistant features through the highest structural glazing integrity that laminated PVB glass can offer, you are also guaranteed that Suntuitive renders you code-compliant with the most stringent modern building regulations. However, it doesn’t stop there. When you have a host of aesthetic, functional and structural aspects right under your wing, your next move will be on energy-efficiency. Single-glass pane is so outdated in all its performance specifications that codes now require new construction to be double or triple-paned glazing. Fill that in with an argon or krypton gas in between panes for an added energy-efficient measure – that’s another win once again for Suntuitive, and you, as its end user. When you merge energy-efficiency with dynamic glass windows, you gain a direct relationship with cost savings. Often, you are faced with the conundrum of allocating zones for your mechanical utilities, but with Suntuitive, we can help you eradicate your problem by downsizing to a less complex heating and cooling system. On the side of acoustics, noise reduction is your top benefit. Add in high productivity and comfortable indoor air quality, Suntuitive yields you far greater returns on your dynamic glass window investment. In all certainties, Suntuitive Dynamic Glass windows is the present and most importantly, the future.

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