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Custom Steel Doors

Steel doors have long been considered the most elegant, minimal, and durable choice for the highest quality architecture, both residential and commercial. Revival Sash is proud to be in partnership with Portella Steel Doors & Windows, the foremost steel window and door manufacturer in the country. Made from 100% recyclable, durable steel, their four lines of steel doors are customized for your specific interior or exterior design, whether Traditional, Modern, or Contemporary. Portella is also an eco-friendly company whose products exceed all energy codes and will soon be a member of the US Green Building Council. They are the only steel door manufacturer using a thermally bonded, zinc galvanizing, corrosion resistant coating on their steel, and every door has a 15-year limited warranty on steel and a 10-year limited warranty on glass.

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A few of Portella’s hallmark features on all steel doors are

  • Portella’s signature WET glazing system (an elastomeric sealant)
  • Factory glazing with Cardinal energy efficient Low-E glass that eliminates subcontracting and allows for their own highest quality standards
  • Exterior doors have integrated naval brass thresholds
  • Continuous steel mounting flanges for increased structural integrity and moisture protection
  • Mortise locking hardware with standard and custom hardware options
  • Available in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Corten (rusted steel) and Bronze
  • NFRC Rated (National Fenestration Rating Council) for new Energy Codes and Title 24 Energy Requirements
  • Double paned glazing (single and triple also available)
  • Dark Bronze Spacers with true divided lite construction
  • In-house fabricated brass thresholds with a weep system for swing doors and heavy duty impact rated thresholds with a drainage system for multi-slide doors
  • Adjustable steel post-in-barrel hinges with ball bearings
  • Continuous steel mounting flanges with orientation options
  • Many specialized hardware options such as pivot hinges, door closers, and panic hardware for commercial applications
  • All Portella products are manufactured to within a 1/16” tolerance for precision construction.
  • All types of door operation including Swing doors, Multi-Slide, Pocket Multi-Slide, Bi-folding, and Pivot configurations
  • Premium Paint Finishes with 2 coats of epoxy base primer, 2 coats of Acrylic lacquer paint, and 3 coats of clear polyurethane in standard and custom colors

The four types of Portella steel doors are specific to design circumstances: The Thermal Series focuses on energy efficiency without sacrificing aesthetics. In fact, it has the narrowest sightlines of any thermally broken steel door manufactured today.

It boasts

  • True thermally broken frames that eliminate interior condensation and frost and resist high temperatures of up to 200° C (nearly 400° F!)
  • Laser Fusion-welded steel profiles
  • Accommodation for double or triple glazing
  • Factory installed 1 1/8” insulated glass units
  • Multi-point locking systems prevent any possibility of moisture penetration and guarantee high security

The Classic Series is similar to doors used in most of Frank Lloyd Wright’s homes. These steel doors have a contemporary yet timeless appeal.

This series features

  • Solid steel frame construction
  • Narrow one to two inch profiles allowing large glass areas
  • Proprietary in-house fabricated slender profiles
  • Divided lite construction with 1 1/4” muntins (dividing) bars

The Storefront Exterior Series is designed for boutique commercial projects on restricted budgets.

It features

  • True divided lite construction with 1 1 /4” muntin bars
  • Various mounting flange options
  • Design/Installation specialists who work with oversized doors (over 10 feet)
  • Availability of traditional metal stop systems
  • Solid hot-rolled steel

Doors in the Storefront Interior Series are customized for interior spaces, frequently office spaces designed in a modern or contemporary style.

They have

  • True divided lite construction with ¾”, 1” or 1 ¼” muntin bars
  • Factory glazed windows and doors with factory supplied ¼” glass
  • Design/Installation specialists who work with oversized doors (over 10 feet)

These doors are factory-glazed inside a controlled environment, completely eliminating leakage and the difficulty of glazing frames on a busy building site. When purchasing a Portella steel door, an experienced Revival Sash project manager will work directly with you, ensuring total design coordination, precise documentation, and production management from design through installation.