Overused Interior Design and Decorations That You Should Stay Away From

Overused Interior Design and Decorations That You Should Stay Away From

Steer Clear of These Overused Interior Designs

Speculating how your aesthetics went from eye-catching to eyesore? Bid adieu to your been-there-done-that interior schemes and curate trendsetter designs through Revival’s expertise.

Rose Pink

Aside from brass and bronze, this metallic accent with pink undertones might have been the top designer choice for the last few years, but now it has already reached the point of saturation particularly in residential homes. From furniture, lighting fixtures to accent pieces, rose pink has dominated the metal scene — donned in almost every corner of the house that it has lost its previous charming appeal.

Fads do come and go, and as such, you’d want to keep your property in topnotch shape. Do not run the risk of having an outdated rose pink color scheme on your home when it has already lost its peak. Instead, turn to the classic metals such as gold and silver to keep your interior design scheme compatible for whatever palette and sustainable for years to come.


Clean, calm and serene — layers and tufts of white can turn any space into a picturesque setting. But over the years, white-on-white has been overdone. What was once refreshing has now become lifeless.

Too much white can brand your space stark and sterile. Aside from being too picture-perfect, this overused interior design is high-maintenance — rendering it unsuitable in realistic situations with starter families and playful pets.

If you aim for a cozy home when your neighbors set foot in your door, it’s best to avoid this monochromatic color scheme. Throw in a few bold, lively colors here and there so you can accentuate and contrast the neutrality of white-on-white.


“Less is more,” the popular design dictum says. Decluttered style has gained too much traction over the years, leaving interior spaces bare and minimal. With only a few essential pieces adorning your home, living a quiet and clutter-free lifestyle while exuding a sleek statement of your style has never been easier.

However, there’s a fine line between being too minimal and just right. Minimalism has gone overboard when it rose through the design ranks — becoming too extremely minimal that your space looks empty. To hit the right spot on minimalism, quality over quantity should be in principle. Every piece should speak to your style, and not only on the grounds that you need to have less furniture and fixtures.

In retrospect, maximalism currently gains favors with designers while minimalism — branded as overused interior design — slowly fades out in the scene. Thanks to the 80s vintage pieces making a comeback, midcentury modern has resurged its way to the top. However, you should aim for a well-executed design of geometric lines and patterns coupled with authentic home décor, rather than risk staging your space with knockoffs.

Farmhouse Chic

Reclaimed wood, shiplap paneling, wood beams and open shelving — farmhouse chic has turned into the current country craze with almost every home identical in detail. The eclectic use of natural materials give off that rustic vibe – exuding the warmth and coziness any homeowner will crave for their abode.

However, farmhouse chic will not be complete without its distinct sliding barn door. Often an irresistible feature, barn doors take you right back to its countryside appeal with its sliding track and sturdy wood paneling. A space-saving barn door can be an excellent focal point for your home, but one too many, especially on bathrooms where privacy is a must, might be detrimental for your property value.

Rather than blindly following the overused interior design fads, stay on top by setting the trend yourself with bespoke pieces. Expose yourself to Revival’s timeless craftsmanship of high-quality custom doors at our Manhattan showroom located at 135 East 57th St 18-134.

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