Manufacturing Jobs in America Are Making a Comeback

The Job Field in America is Taking a Turn

Revival Sash is pleased to be part of a growing movement that is succeeding in maintaining and recreating a strong manufacturing base in America. As a company, we’ve always resisted the economic temptation to outsource any of our work, partly because we believe strongly in the principle of using American workers in American companies to produce American products, but also because the very nature of our work – extremely high quality, hand-crafted, custom woodworking – requires being part of a local community of designers, managers, and craftspeople who collaborate in design and creation every day.

According to economists and urban studies experts, the only real way jobs in America will be able to return to historic levels in the 21st Century is through small-scale manufacturing. At Revival, we appreciate how this trend ties us back to the tradition of small handcraft production, and guides us forward with new technologies, giving us close control over design and production quality.

This new model also dispenses with finished-goods inventories and as a custom manufacturer, we produce on a “just in time” basis. Additionally, we try to keep a short supply chain, which means using local labor and sources as much as possible. This gives us shorter lead times and greater control over our suppliers. Revival Sash is also a direct company, as opposed to wholesale. The resulting improved margins support the higher costs of quality materials and labor required in this highest level of custom American woodworking.

The companies bringing back American jobs like Revival Sash, are not the manufacturing giants of our grandparent’s era. These are leaner, smaller, smarter, and better paid work environments than those found in outsized employers of the past. It’s the smaller American factories which – particularly since the recession – now provide the highest growth and creation of new American manufacturing jobs.

These are “small niche manufacturers” that enhance the fabric of local communities. This works for 21st century customers as well. Today’s buyers focus on the quality of a product, as well as the ethics and the location of its manufacture and sourcing. With advanced “smart” technologies, these manufacturing plants are also much smaller than before. This is not only more environmentally friendly, but allows manufacturers to return to denser urban neighborhoods such as the Revival factory in Springfield, New Jersey. This factory – located in an existing commercial zone – is close enough to the New York City area that architects, designers, and clients have easy access to their Revival Sash designs during production.

With the combination of digital high-technology and experienced handcraft, Revival Sash is proud to be part of the movement of small-scale manufacturing that contributes well-paying and satisfying American jobs. Because of this mix, they can complete even the largest job by creating custom windows and doors that are perfectly matched to a project, one at time. This is why Revival sets the highest standard of excellence in custom window and door fabrication, with installations in some of the world’s most unique and exclusive buildings.

Revival’s mission remains the same since its founding; to provide the best possible American craftsmanship for customers with their world class windows and doors. Added to this is our ongoing commitment to returning, growing, and maintaining American manufacturing jobs in America. If you’d like to see the impressive results, stop by the Revival Sash showroom or contact us for an appointment to see how today’s American craftsmanship can produce the finest windows and doors in the world.

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