Living with Portella’s Eco-Friendly Windows

Living with Portella's Eco-Friendly Windows

Portella’s Eco-Friendly Windows Are What Your Home is Missing

Sustainability is not only a trend, but an impending force of change. To keep up with the movement, environmentally-friendly products utilize cutting-edge technology to step up from mediocre to superior performance. Learn why Portella’s eco-friendly windows are the missing piece to your sustainable home.

NFRC Rating

When making purchase decisions initially, and you need to validate if your windows will perform at an optimal level, look for its energy performance label from National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). This is the trademark of an energy-efficient window. Consequently, Portella’s eco-friendly windows meet the stringent energy requirements of NFRC.

What exactly are the energy performance ratings of NFRC? To be certified, the eco-friendly windows should meet the level metrics of U-factor, Visible Transmittance (VT), Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC), and Air Leakage (AL).

For your home to be sustainable, your windows should be measured based on these four metrics. U-factor measures the heat that your window can keep inside the room to maintain an ideal indoor temperature, while VT keeps track of the daylight so you can have greater savings on artificial lighting. Additionally, SHGC gauges how your windows can resist unwanted heat gain during summer, while AL determines the air entering the room so you can aim for fewer drafts.

Look for a low number range in all these metrics except for Visible Transmittance where you need a higher range. Portella’s eco-friendly windows outperform its competitors by meeting all these four metrics for your sustainable home.

Low-E Glass

To achieve maximum energy efficiency for your home, your windows should be coated with low-emissivity glass. Portella proudly boasts of its factory-glazed, energy-efficient Low-E glass. This coating operates two-way: it reflects heat and repels unwanted, harmful ultraviolet rays during the summer while it absorbs UV rays and heat during winter. The better the insulation, the higher comfort quality of your room temperature.

Portella specifically installs Cardinal 366 – the ultimate performance glass – over clear tempered in its eco-friendly windows. Along with its solar control and high visibility, it blocks an astounding 95% of sun rays, redefining excellent peak levels of comfort and energy savings for your home year-round.


Single-paned windows, although satisfactory, do not meet the demanding energy requirements anymore. Portella’s advanced window technology ensures that its eco-friendly windows exceed the energy demands of your home’s fluctuating climatic conditions.

Portella upgrades the single-paned glazing into double or triple glazing, called insulating glass units (IGU). This factory-installed IGU is precisely cut to 1 1/8”, filled with krypton or argon gas in its airspace between the panes for better insulation, and sealed with wet glazing to eliminate moisture penetration. Overall, this results to less air-to-air heat transfer and reduced heating and cooling load of your home, leading to your significant energy savings and lower HVAC costs.

Recyclable Steel

Portella’s eco-friendly windows utilize the most sustainable material on earth – the 100% recyclable steel. From design craftsmanship, to manufacturing, installation and recycling, steel windows generate less embodied energy in its lifecycle than its counterparts, performing at its optimum level without alteration in its strength, beauty, and function.

Your home is not only built to last a lifetime with Portella’s steel windows – it is elegant, functional, and more than anything, sustainable.

Thermally Broken Frames

Portella’s eco-friendly windows are manufactured down to the last detail with its framing system. Not only are the steel windows thermally-bonded with corrosion-resistant zinc galvanized coating, they are also fabricated with a thermal break to dissipate frost, interior condensation and extremely high temperatures of up to 200° C.

Quality comfort is at its finest when you integrate Portella in your home.


Energy efficiency, cost reductions, HVAC savings, unobstructed view, and reduced condensation – these are only some of the perks of sustainable windows. At Revival, in partnership with Portella, we are geared towards providing you eco-friendly windows for your sustainable homes. Visit us at our Manhattan showroom at 135 East 57th St 15-121, or browse our website for more eco-friendly product lines.

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