Increase Property Value with the Right Design and Color of Your Front Door

Increase Property Value with the Right Design and Color of Your Front Door

Follow These Exterior Tips to Increase Property Value

Thinking of listing your property up for sale in the market? Follow our tried-and-tested tips below so you can keep your home in tip-top shape.


Take your entryway’s design up a notch to increase the property value of your home. From the get-go, investing in the right design of your front door will help you reap maximal rewards, should you ever plan to make your home available to house hunters. Get involved early on in the design process and collaborate with your cohort of architect, glaziers and door fabricators in a hands-on approach — this way, you can earn a leading-edge advantage over your neighbors in the home resale value.

How exactly can this increase your property value? When you get a professional assessment from your team of door experts, you are well-equipped with an arsenal of knowledge from the design to its upkeep. Your front door design will range from the door components, material specification, fabrication and installation, all the while relating to the site context, architectural style and climate setting of your home.

Choosing steel door in a marine environment won’t necessarily get you the best bang for your buck as it is prone to rusting, while specifying wood door in an extreme tropical climate can lead to the constant material expansion and shrinkage due to the relative humidity and moisture content. Whether you opt for wood, steel or fiberglass front door — the material choice will best guide you on the care and maintenance of your entryway for years to come.

In a micro perspective, ensure that your front door gets its much-needed structural integrity by updating your hardware from worn-out to structurally sound. Not only will this resonate burglar-proof security and harsh weather protection with your prospective buyers, you will earn more points in the aesthetic and functional departments once they see that you adorn your front door with a touch of panache on stylistic locksets and energy-efficient weather stripping.


Statement-making front doors, as well as kitchen and bathroom upgrades, surely give you an edge on the aesthetic aspect of your home. However, you do not have to pull out thousands of dollars from your pocket to recoup a maximum return on your investment.

Value-engineer your front door from bland to spick-and-span so you can get the highest quality at the lowest costs possible. To put simply, splashing new coats of paint on your entryway is all it takes to increase your property value.

Being a pigment expert does not take much concerted efforts when you have a handy research to guide you on your home’s exterior facelift. According to the 2018 Paint Color Analysis of Zillow, an industry-leading real estate website, charcoal gray or jet black is the go-to front door color of almost 135,000 listing of house properties from 2010 to 2018 — yielding you an average of $6,271 higher than the selling price.

While bold choices of sunny yellow and vibrant orange can give your home a wow factor, it’s best if you lean onto the classic palette of grays and blacks on your front door, if you wish to garner a higher payback on your home resale value.

No matter your home age, investing in your front door’s style and functionality will definitely give your abode a fresh, brand-new cosmetic look. Remember, curb appeal from a distance can lure your home prospects, but sealing the deal is a much harder feat if you can’t leave a lasting impression with your property buyers. Drop by at our Manhattan showroom located at 135 East 57th St 18-134, and get Revival’s expertise on custom, high-quality front doors so you can boost the premium selling price of your home.

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