Revival Scales Up Through Upscale Workmanship

At Revival, innovation is our core. Delivering exceptional solutions for your problems has been our second nature for decades. We take custom-made to a topnotch level, utilizing our design engineering expertise to craft premium door and window products for your industry-specific projects.

"I have worked with a number of representatives of superb custom window and door companies for over 25 years. No one has ever exceeded the standard of excellent customer service, understanding, and execution of high quality detailing and construction, creativity in problem solving, and enjoyable long-term relationships set by Brian Trager."

- Oliver Cope, Oliver Cope Architects

“I have known and worked with Peter over the last 12 years on some of the most demanding projects in our residential portfolio. Peter and his team successfully worked through all the design concerns and followed up with fabrication and finish that met all our expectations. I recommend Peter to our high-end residential clients for quality, as well as his attention and customer service."

- Jim Tinson, CEO, Hart Howerton Architects

"For over 20 years, I have relied on Peter Manning to provide our clients with a quality product and professional experience. His commitment to creating the best windows and doors along with his prompt and responsive service makes for a complete package. His limitless capacity to innovate and take on challenges has helped us fulfill our design ambitions. Peter Manning is a critical part to the success of our projects."

- Thomas Hickey, AIA, GRADE New York

"In addition to Peter Manning’s outstanding window products, we greatly value his practical advice and the incomparable service he provides for our clients."

- David P. Howerton

"I have known Peter Manning for 15 years and collaborated on some of my most intricate projects. Peter and his team are always one of my first contacts when a project gets real. His advice is greatly valued; he moves a project along; and is there during and after a project to solve problems and make everything right. We are currently looking at several projects with Peter and Revival and excited about their success as we head forward."

- Douglas C. Wright, Douglas C. Wright Architects

4.5/5 (4 Reviews)