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Mike CanizalesFind on

Mike Canizales

Managing Partner

Brian TragerFind on

Brian Trager

Founding Partner / Sales

George CannonFind on

George Cannon

Founding Partner / Corporate Finance

Peter ManningFind on

Peter Manning

Founding Partner / Sales

Angus HerronFind on

Angus Herron

Project Manager

Kris JastrzabFind on

Kris Jastrzab

CNC Programmer

Misrraim CardenasFind on

Misrraim Cardenas

Testing and Certifications

Mauricio RuizFind on

Mauricio Ruiz

Procurement Manager

Kevin SantosFind on

Kevin Santos


Carlos PortilloFind on

Carlos Portillo

Salvado RamosFind on

Salvador Ramos

Ociel JimenezFind on

Ociel Jimenez

Gary PhilipsFind on

Gary Philips

Diego MaciazFind on

Diego Maciaz

David AlemanFind on

David Aleman

Daniel ReyesFind on

Daniel Reyes

Carlos CariasFind on

Carlos Carias

Byron MeraFind on

Byron Mera

Arnaldo MasciasFind on

Arnaldo Mascias

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