5 of the Most Popular Front Door Designs

5 of the Most Popular Front Door Designs

Front Door Designs That Will Wow Your Neighbors

Overwhelmed by too many design choices for your home’s main entrance? Take a look at these five trendsetting front door designs to decide what will best complement the style of your home.

Let the Light In

With sustainability all the rage now, it’s no wonder why glass-expansive front doors frequent the exterior fenestration of any home nowadays. What used to be inhibited by lack of advanced glazing technology is now juxtaposed by glaziers and door manufacturers through artisanal metal door craftsmanship and higher R-value rating.

Long gone are the front door designs with thick mullions holding the glass panes in place. Steel front doors with the narrowest sightlines, such as Portella, are now becoming the benchmark. Go green with this front door design so you can transform your dull rooms into airy, light-filled interior spaces and reduce the lighting costs of your home.<

Pop That Color

Aiming to refurbish your traditional or Craftsman door from boring to slick? Splashing new coats of paints on your front door might come off as a far-fetched idea, but it should be prioritized on the top of your renovation list. Studies show, this understated front door design should never be undermined as it recoups you higher payback on your door aesthetic investment.

Start with the physical assessment of your front door. Check for cracking, fading and peeling then scrape it off. Remove the attached hardware and sand the door lightly to smooth rough surfaces for better adherence of primer. Whether you choose a pigment that speaks to your personal style or one that inflates your property value, revamping through front door painting will greatly polish your curb appeal.

Exude Clean and Flat Lines

With the classic 1920s industrial style reemerging as an in-demand contemporary architectural style to date, steel window facades now become more visible than ever. For your rustic door counterpart, you can redefine this modernized look built on heritage by utilizing steel’s inherent strength for large expanses of glazing.

How did this front door configuration surge to great heights in popularity? This clean and flat design gives your home an optical illusion by merging door and window components into one — steel front doors become an inherent part of the glazing facade itself. Historical partisans or modernists alike, this front door design can blur the lines to your gusto.

Go Big or Go Home

Going above and beyond, literally and figuratively, has now become the norm for front door designs. First impressions matter, so let your front door speak and make a design statement with 9-foot tall doors.

In a high-end modern setting, you can now replace your conventional hinged entryway with oversized Portella pivot doors, smoothly operated with just a touch. Although they might take up a lot of space, this cutting-edge front door design gives your home a dramatic backdrop — offering you an indoor-outdoor seamless connection with a maximal view of your landscape garden outside.

Personalization is Key

In the realm of front door designs, customization from door manufacturers will deliver your sought-after solutions. Once all options are exhausted and you are left unsatisfied with mediocre outputs, get impressive results and make a bold statement for your home with a custom-made front door.

Whether you want to exude a cool contemporary vibe or a classic period-style front door design, custom front doors will cater flexibly to all of your aesthetic, functional and structural specifications. Designer doors might come at a price, but cost constraints are thrown out the window once you see the value of the detailed intricacies in full effect.

Stand out from the rest and make your front door design a tailored staple of your personal expression through Revival’s expert craftsmanship. Please browse our website, or learn how we finetune high-caliber doors designed to your every need at our Manhattan showroom located at 135 East 57th St 18-134.

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